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‘Want My Wagon R Back’, Says UK Based AAP Supporter to Arvind Kejriwal

April07/ 2015

NEW DELHI,APRIL 7: The man who gave Arvind Kejriwal the blue Wagon R car made famous by the Aam Admi Party chief’s travels in it last year, now wants it back. Once an Aam Aadmi Party supporter, UK-based Kundan Sharma says he is now disillusioned.

In many tweets over the last few days, the software engineer, who is in Delhi at present, has let it be known that he is extremely upset with the rift in the party with top leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan out of favour. He wants not just the iconic car back, but also a refund of the money he and his wife donated to the party.

He has tweeted:

In other tweets, Mr Sharma has talked about his disillusionment.

He has also shared a link to an interview he gave to a TV channel where he said that the blue car is registered in his wife Sharadha’s name.

The blue Wagon-R was ubiquitous as TV cameras followed Arvind Kejriwal when he campaigned for his first election and then became chief minister of Delhi in January 2014. The common man’s chief minister refused to accept a government vehicle and drove everywhere in the blue Wagon R.
He even held a cabinet meeting in the small hatchback once. And when he staged a protest in the heart of Delhi, Mr Kejriwal slept on the road right next to where his blue Wagon R was parked near the Railway Ministry.


The car made it to the headlines and was featured in many articles, also internationally.

When Arvind Kejriwal began campaigning for the fresh elections called in Delhi thus, many asked where the Blue Wagon R was. Mr Kejriwal gifted the car to a party candidate last year and is seen being driven in an Innova now.

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