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Obama’s popularity equivalent to Ronald Reagan’s, say analysts

Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington
April27/ 2015

Washington, Apr. 27 : US President Barack Obama has reached the popularity level of the former President Ronald Reagan, according to analysts, as Obama’s job approval rating stands at 46.4 percent, his highest mark in nearly two years.

According to Washington Times, analysts said that Obama’s bounce can be attributed to the fact that he is fading into the political background as the next presidential race kicks into high gear.

Obama is way above George Bush’s job approval ratings, that sunk to 35 percent during his 25th quarter in office.

Obama trails President Clinton, who held 64 percent approval ratings at this point in his term.

Analysts said there were a lot of factors responsible for Obama’s bounce including positive economic signs, low gas prices and, to some degree, diplomatic outreach efforts such as the reboot with communist Cuba.

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