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Raunchy biker couple fined after images go viral

March23/ 2015

Panaji, March 23: A raunchy bike ride on Panaji’s Mandovi bridge, proved costly for a domestic tourist couple, who were fined by the traffic police after their images went viral on social media.

Police said that the couple, hailing from Madhya Pradesh, were living in a starred hotel in the state capital.

They were fined Rs.1,000 for dangerous driving.

Photographs of the couple on social media like Whatspp and Facebook showed the man driving the bike, while his female partner, wearing a skirt, lying sprawled in front of him on the motorcycle tank, straddling the rider with her hips.

“We managed to trace the couple using the motorcycle number, which was visible in one of the photos on Whatsapp and Facebook. We have fined them for dangerous driving,” a traffic police officer said.

The photo also caught attention of legislators, one of whom also commented on it.

“This broad daylight sex show took place right on the Mandovi bridge on Sunday afternoon. Not a single policeman on the way to stop them. A passerby happened to click this picture. What do you have to say,” BJP legislator from St. Andre constituency Vishnu Wagh asked, perhaps unaware that the duo had already been booked.

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