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Russell Brand used trangender for sex ?

April01/ 2015

Los Angeles, April 1: Lauren Harries claims she was in a relationship with Russell Brand after they met on “Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side” in 2006. The Transgender TV personality however says that the comedian only “liked the bedroom department” with her.

Harries, who was once known as James, told Star magazine that she dated Brand for six months but he used her only for sex, reports dailymail.co.uk.

The antiques expert said her new single, All Dressed Up, is inspired by Brand and the feelings of rejection he left her with.

It’s about being dressed up to go out, then being stood up by a man, feeling sh***y and crying about it. Russell Brand inspired me to write it,” she said.

“He left me all dressed up with nowhere to go. I don’t think Russell wanted to be seen with me, so we didn’t go out. We had our moments, but he can’t admit to it.

“It was going on for six months at least. Let’s just say he liked the bedroom department, but that was all! That was all I was good for,” she added.

However, Brand has denied that he dated Harries in the past.

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