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Elizabeth Olsen reveals actresses that inspired her to do nudity

April24/ 2015

Washington, Apr 24 : As for Elizabeth Olsen’s acting inspirations, she has explained that leading women like Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett have encouraged her to go for nude scenes.

The 26-year-old actress said that she remembers watching ‘Holy Smoke’ and thinking that it was so reassuring to see a young Winslet doing something that was so bold in so many ways, People Magazine reported.


The ‘Godzilla’ star added that she thought to herself that “it doesn’t destroy your career if you appear nude or take risks” as not everyone in her family and group of friends thought it was the best idea to be naked in a movie.

She explained that there are actresses, young and old, who have decided never to do that and they become those examples people talk to you about, but there are times when she likes to do it, adding that she wants that voyeuristic quality, but she never feels she has to be nude, like, she will never play a character in a bikini on a beach.

And when it comes to overall life advice, Olsen gushed about the 77-year-old actress Jane Fonda, who speaks in anecdotes.

She added that her “insanely diligent” sisters are the most inspiring women to her because of the way they lead their lives, noting that they taught her that you can do whatever you want if it’s your passion and you work hard at it.


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