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Swedish model claims she slept with Zayn Malik twice

March30/ 2015

London,March 30: Zayn Malik who recently quit One Direction and has been house hunting with fiancee Perrie Edwards ever since is not so simple and calm as he looks.

The singer has been accused of cheating on his fiancee Perrie Edwards with a 24-year-old Sweden while on tour in Thailand.

She recalled: “He didn’t mention anything to me about having a fiancee.

“He was really flirtatious and I fancied him a lot.

“When he was taking me to bed in a gorgeous hotel suite overlooking the ocean, he didn’t seem too stressed. I thought he was a really nice person but he was obviously under pressure from somewhere.

“He’s quit because he can’t keep up his carefree, party lifestyle while in a relationship.”

What’s more, Martina alleges the pair enjoyed a second tryst 48 hours later – which was also the night Zayn was pictured with Brit Lauren Richardson.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “It was awkward. We got a taxi at 3am because me and my friend wanted to see the villa again. But Zayn was in the back flirting with Lauren.

“I was jealous as I really fancied Zayn. I was thinking, ‘I was with him first!’ I told him she looked old and he laughed.”

Martina claims Lauren and Zayn disappeared for 30 minutes before he paid for her to get a cab.

Thereafter, Martina and the pop star resumed their flirting and they went to his room at around 7am.

She shared: “We were gone for about 40 minutes. When we came back to join the others, Louis had drawn rude pics on a girl asleep on the sofa. We all laughed then the boys got ready to leave.

“They were due to fly to Hong Kong at 10am.”


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