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Latha Rajinikanth accused of fraud

March23/ 2015

Chennai,March 23: Just a day after actor Rajinikanth compensated the distributors of his film Lingaa a sum of Rs. 10 crore towards the losses suffered, a company that loaned money for Kochadaiiyaan charged the actor’s wife, Latha Rajinikanth, with ‘fraud’ and ‘double selling of the rights’ of Kochadaiiyaan .

The charges were levelled by Ad Bureau, a company that was brought in to help with post production. They gave Rs. 10 crore to help the makers of Kochadaiiyaan complete the film and release it.

Addressing the press, Abirchand Nahar of Ad Bureau said Kochadaiiyaan’s producer, Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited, owed his company Rs. 6.84 crore.

“We loaned the amount only because Latha Rajinikanth herself signed as the guarantor for the money. They also double sold the Tamil Nadu rights of Kochadaiiyaan without informing us. I hope Mr. Rajinikanth will intervene and settle the matter,” said Mr. Nahar.

Jayakumar, chief executive officer of Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited, alleged Ad Bureau had demanded exorbitant interest and a complaint had been lodged with the police in this regard.

In an email, he said, ‘Ad bureau financed Rs. 10 crore to M/s Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited and the company has already repaid Rs. nine crore. They wanted a distribution agreement as they didn’t have permission to finance and have given a clearance letter for the release of the film. They claimed an interest that ran up to Rs. five crore for six months. Ad Bureau’s objective is to extort money.’ Mr. Nahar, however, denied the allegations. “The terms have been stated in the contract which was signed.”

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