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Hollywood’s highest paid actor is Leonardo DiCaprio

March28/ 2015

Los Angeles,March 28: Leonardo DiCaprio may not have received an Oscar yet, but he’s top of the game when it comes to the money game in Hollywood.

Right up there in the $20 million, and above, group which also includes Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington, Leo is the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

A survey of producers, agents and executives by Hollywood Reporter has revealed that The Wolf of Wall Street actor got an astonishing $25 million up front for the film.


Giving him stiff competition in the category is the Iron Man star whose money spinner remains this superhero franchise. Damon is supposed to collect big with the next Bourne film.

There are a total of four women in the $15 million club. While Bullock made $20 million for Gravity, Jolie’s Maleficent netted her $15 million. A sequel may raise her take home even further. Jennifer Lawrence, who made $10 million for the Hunger games franchise, can easily demand much more if she decides to lend her name to yet another franchise.

Angelina Jolie, along with Sandra Bullock, are the two women in the $20 million club
Angelina Jolie, along with Sandra Bullock, are the two women in the $20 million club

Melissa McCarthy is yet another star who is expected to jump into this category for her starring roles.

Amongst the younger crop of actors, Bradley Cooper is expected to command upwards of $15 million after the success of American Sniper. He got the same price range for Hangover 3.

Amongst the action stars, Dwayne Johnson commands $14 million to $15 million a studio picture. That was the price he got for Hercules and the upcoming San Andreas.


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