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Facebook launches new mobile app analytics tool

March26/ 2015

New York, March 26: Facebook has launched a new analytics tool designed to let mobile developers track user-behaviour in their apps. The tool is available for free.

The tool will do a number of things for app developers. For instance, it will allow them to detect parts of the app that users find difficult to use, Venturebeat reported.

A “Cohorts” feature can provide historical insights on user trends. For instance, the tool might compare the usage habits or install rates of current users with users from a month ago.

This can help developers understand user retention, user lifetime value, and repeat purchase rates. The tool can provide information on the geography, age, gender, and language of app users.

The analytics tool also lets developers learn about the people who click on app advertisements on Facebook. They might be able to learn where those users are coming from and where they go after they click on the ad.

Other analytics points may be available from Facebook’s vast store of personally identifiable information. Facebook will present all of the analytics data to app developers on a unified dashboard, Facebook’s director of product management Deborah Liu was quoted as saying.