• Today is: Sunday, May 3, 2015

Facebook goes back to your friends

April22/ 2015

New York, April 22: The composition of your News Feed on your Facebook page is about to change. From now, you will see more content from your close friends and less from Pages and publishers, the social networking giant has announced.

In a post titled “News Feed FYI: Balancing Content from Friends and Pages”, Facebook said it’s making a few changes.

The first is that people won’t be able to reach the “end” of a News Feed as easily, because it will be showing more content from the same publisher than before.

The second change, potentially great for users who actually want to see content from their friends but not great for publishers, is that “content posted by the friends you care about” will be “higher up in the News Feed”.

Also, if a friend interacts with a post from a brand or publisher page, it will be less likely to show up in your News Feed, The Verge reported.

The upshot is that you’ll see much more content from your friends and much less from Pages — most of which consists of brands and publishers.

Any change in Facebook’s algorithms and designs is likely to cause ripples across the web. Facebook is also holding talks with the publishers to host their content directly on the site.