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‘Uber for Boobs': Russian website lets you write messages on women’s cleavage for £6

April24/ 2015

Do you fancy sending someone a novelty message? Maybe get some free advertising while you’re at it?
Well, look no further: because one Russian website will write whatever you want on to a woman’s boobs.
Tittygram will print a message of maximum 35 characters onto a woman’s chest and send a photograph of it to anyone who pays $9.95 (£6) within an hour.
It calls itself ‘Uber for boobs’, presumably because it’s instant and works as a go-between, so customers don’t have to interact directly with the models – in the way the cab app lets people book taxis without calling drivers.
The website has proved so popular that staff are reportedly working 24 hours a day.
One Moscow law firm, Family Case, has even used it to try and attract clients by getting ‘divorce lawyer’ written on a woman’s chest – what every struggling couple wants to see.
“Divorce, tits, they’re quite close to each other,” Vladimir Bachurin, a partner at the firm, jokingly told The Moscow Times.
But the most popular use of the website is for birthday or congratulatory messages with people using sexy Russian pet names.
Tittygram’s CEO Vladimir Gritsenko told the paper that the website is not sexist, saying that it fits into a Russian internet trend ‘sign’ – where young women wrote messages on their body parts for money.


He said the models get at least 150 rubles (£2) per photo, and their faces are never visible.
The images never show nipples – just a woman wearing lingerie.
“Nobody forces them to do it and they used to do it before and it was dangerous. This way it is much safer,” he said, explaining that his company means women now don’t have to deal directly with their customers.
It recently created a media storm when Burger King in Russia used Tittygram to publish a photo on Instagram with the words ‘I love Burger King’.

Women complained about its sexism, with messages such as: “Does Burger King need customers so badly that they will stoop to such vulgarity?”
But Gritsenko doesn’t think it’s offensive. The only thing he won’t stand for are “bad words”, ever since the site launched in the US and found 20 per cent of requests were inappropriate.
“It would be offensive for the models and for other people,” he said.
Because that’s the only potentially offensive thing about the entire Tittygram concept, naturally.

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