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Teenage sex: 10 Sex myths busted

March23/ 2015

Blame it on the lack of sex education in schools or the endless curiosities among teenagers, but myths about sex are rampant in teenager minds.

We’re all aware of the confusion, which prevails in teenagers and how rapidly wrong information is spread like wild fire. So today we’re looking to enlighten teenagers and parents with our list of top 10 teenage sex myths to help rid the world of some of these myths. Do your teenage son, daughter, sibling, or friends a favour and share these teenage sex myths with them too!

Myth 10: I am safe from pregnancy, because there was no penetration.
Pregnancy can occur even when a partner ejaculates or pre-ejaculates near or on your vulva. Irrespective of the fact that you engage in vaginal sex or not, naked body contact around this region could lead to pregnancy.

Myth 9: I can’t get pregnant if I am menstruating.
If you have vaginal sex during your periods, you can get pregnant. Sperms have a life of anything ranging from one day to one week, thus meaning that a sperm could fertilise an egg when you ovulate. Even when you are menstruating when you decide to have sex, it is a must to use a condom, as it is the proven way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Myth 8: Having sex during menstruation is harmful
Making love during one’s menstrual cycle is in no way a harmful experience. Infact, many studies have proved the opposite – stating that love making is much more satisfying and pleasurable. To make out during those days depends entirely on your mutual decision.

Myth 7: If I wash my vagina soon after intercourse, I won’t get pregnant.
Be informed that whether you wash your vagina with hot water, cold water, soap solution or shampoo solution, sperms are really fast swimmers and can get to their set destination even before you blink your eye. Scientifically speaking, washing your vaginal area after sex won’t prevent pregnancy. Use safe birth control methods instead.

Myth 5: I can’t get pregnant the first time I have sex.
A girl can become pregnant anytime and everytime she is having sex, irrespective of the fact that it is her first time or not. And as far as a girl’s age is concerned, she is most fertile during her teenage years, thus it is a must for her to use a reliable birth control.

Myth 4: Genitals are the dirtiest parts of the body and should never be touched.
Genitals are like any other part of the body. They, in no way, should be considered inferior parts of your body. Make sure you give your private parts adequate attention and ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

Myth 3: Men enjoy sex much more than women.
This is one of the biggest sexist myths and should be cleared right away. Many studies have time and again proved how women have more urges for sex after they commence participation in sexual activities.

Myth 2: A virgin should bleed when she first has sexual intercourse
It is not necessary for a woman to bleed after her very first sexual intercourse. It is important to understand that women bleed only when they break their hymen for the very first time and not after that. And the hymen can be easily broken by any kind of rigorous physical activity such as cycling, running or swimming. So, it is not necessary for a virgin to bleed the very first time she has sexual intercourse.

Myth 1: Masturbation is one of the leading causes of impotence
Don’t laugh over it, if you know the real thing, but this sadly is among the top rated sex myths among teenagers. Please understand that impotence in no way is linked to masturbation. Masturbation is a healthy process and has no side effects, least of all impotence.

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