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Here’s how social media can help you sniff out your cheating lovers

March30/ 2015

Mobile applications can be very handy if you want to check whether your lover is having an affair or not and, therefore, a list has revealed top 10 apps that can help you to keep a check on your partner.

The list starts with WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage, however, Facebook is the biggest culprit with 76% of woman becoming suspicious because of the social network, the Daily Star reported.

Another app called Manything, which acts as a CCTV for phone, laptop or tablet, secured 19% votes by women as they revealed they had caught their husbands cheating or speaking to their mistress on the phone when they were out of the house via Manything.

5% of women said that Lie Detector app helped them to check infidelity on their partners, whereas, 4% of women said they doubted their husband’s faithfulness when they saw famous dating app called Tinder on their phone.

Claire Page, spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com asserted that what he found find most interesting about this list was how obvious some men were and discretion was their main priority and the most important thing when having a successful affair.

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