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Meet the man ‘sans penis’ who bedded 100 women

April25/ 2015

London, April 25: A MAN who has bedded over 100 women despite having no penis has revealed how he has only confessed his secret to about 20 per cent of his lovers – one of whom punched him in the face.

Andrew Wardle, 40, from Greater Manchester, reveals all about his extraordinary life in TLC’s The Man With No Penis.

Filmed over twelve months, viewers will discover how Andrew’s rare birth condition left him with testicles, but no penis and how he he kept it a secret from his lovers.

The programme sees him confess his life-long secret to friends and family – including his unsuspecting, long-term girlfriend, Fedra – and investigates life-changing surgery that could give him a fully-functioning penis built from the skin, blood vessels and nerves on his arm.

“I’ve told 20 per cent of them the truth,” he says but then reveals how one woman punched him in the face when she learned the astonishing truth.

“It is difficult to explain to a new girlfriend but when I have some have been really nice about it. But I was punched in the face once when I told a girl,” he previously told This Morning.

“I guess she was angry as she felt like I had lied but it’s not something you can say right away.”

Now, after forty years of secrecy, Andrew’s decided to reveal the truth, admitting: “I was sick of hiding.”

And, if the operation is successful, he’ll have a fully functioning penis for the first time in his life.

Andrew has made the news before, most notably when he appeared on This Morning to talk about his issue.

“My first girlfriend was really nice and understanding,” he explained.

“We went out for four years and it was not a problem. It may have been if we were together in the future but we were only 15 so it wasn’t.”

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