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Female office worker puts ‘sex with boss’ gossip to bed by proving she’s a virgin

March07/ 2015

A woman dogged by rumors that she was sleeping with a former boss and other colleagues at work had tests done to prove she was a virgin.

Zumreta Strsevic, 30, an accountant in the Cultural Center in Prijepolje, Serbia, was fed up with office tittle tattle about her private life.

She explained: “It got so bad that it was becoming impossible to do the job properly, so I decided the only way to prove I wasn’t sleeping with other people was to prove that actually I’ve never slept with anyone.”


Zumreta claimed the rumors of her sexual encounters were being led by her boss at the Cultural Center, the director Mirko Malesic.

She said: “He accused me repeatedly over my alleged love affairs including one with a former director.

“When you make accusations like that it sticks.”

The woman went to a gynecologist to undertake a test to prove she was a virgin, and after getting the confirmation took the document to work and handed it to her boss.

She said: “I don’t know what they wanted to achieve with the rumors – maybe they wanted me to move on to another job because they don’t want me continuing to check what they are doing with public money.

“But at least now they know they can’t get rid of me this way.”


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