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Nun rape: A larger conspiracy found

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March23/ 2015

Kolkatta, March 23: Even as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) sends its team from Delhi to Kolkata to probe the nun rape case, it has been found that the entire incident was part of a larger conspiracy. It was a gang that was split into various groups with an intention of causing a distraction and misleading investigators.

A majority of the team of accused were hired by someone who had hatched this conspiracy to send across a message and the robbery within the Church was carried out only to cause further distractions to the investigators.

A larger conspiracy: 

CBI sources tell Oneindia that they are taking over the probe and from what has been gathered so far it appears to be part of a large conspiracy.

From the preliminary information that has been gathered it is found that these members most of them from Bangladesh were hired by someone from in a bid to cause embarrassment to the establishment. Meanwhile, the report of the CID in Kolkata, which has been probing this case, has also found a major conspiracy angle to this case. There were three teams involved in this case. While one team was from Bangladesh, the other two were from Bihar and West Bengal, the CID has learnt.

Interestingly all the calls that were made from the cell phones of the accused before and after the incident were traced to Bangladesh. This has led the CID to believing that it was an operation that could have been planned and controlled in Bangladesh. Further the questioning of the witnesses and also the accused persons who have been arrested suggest that it was a conspiracy that was hatched in Bangladesh. Whether they were in touch with someone in India to hatch this conspiracy is something that the CBI would dig into and they would seek the help of their counterparts in Bangladesh.

Were there multiple agendas?

While the conspiracy theory to embarrass the government of India is one confirmed theory the other doing the rounds is whether it was something to do with a land deal. It has been found that the convent was under pressure to sell off some land in its vicinity. There have been complaints that a great deal of pressure was being exerted to sell off some land. The investigators have summoned for documents of the lands under the convent to ascertain this angle too. It could well be a case of a multiple agenda and the incident could have been carried out to both embarrass and also ensure that the land was sold off. It was found that the land in question was valued at Rs 1 crore.

Interpol help would be sought:

The CBI when it takes over the probe will seek details from its counterparts in Bangladesh. There is enough material for now to show that some of the perpetrators of the crime are lodged in Bangladesh. While there would be sharing of information on a regular basis, the help of the Interpol could also be sought.

Some of the criminals or accused in this case may have slipped out of the country and hence after profiling them in detail a request to the Interpol to help nab the culprits would be sent to the Interpol. Moreover, it would also be ascertained if there is a group of people working exclusively to embarrass the Indian establishment by carrying out such incidents, a CBI official also informed.

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