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Aadhar card number to be added to voter list

March03/ 2015

INDORE, Mar 3: After linking of Aadhar card with LPG connection, Election Commission (EC) through district administration on Sunday started a drive to link Aadhar number with electoral rolls in Indore to weed out multiple voter ID cards and bogus voters. “EC is planning to gather data from both the cards to counter multiple cards in the name of same person. This is being done to put in place an authentic database of voters,” said a district administration official on Sunday after launching the drive `Easy Registration, Easy Correction`.

After completion of this drive, the electoral roll will also be rectified and it will check incidents of bogus voting and multiple registration to a great extent. Under the new scheme, voters have to provide Aadhar card number, mobile number and voter card number to the electoral officers or else one can directly update details on the web portal of ECI. It will also provide an opportunity to make changes of details in voter ID cards.

Any error in the address, spelling of the name and date of birth of the voters can be rectified by updating the correct data on the portal. The official clarified that drive has been launched for linking Aadhar card with voter card, but it is not mandatory, as still large number of people do not have Aadhar card. “People can still cast their vote without updating Aadhar data.

For those Indian nationals, who are settled in foreign countries, the ECI has provided an option to use the data in the passport or driving license instead of Aadhar card,” he said.

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