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Jamia students served show-cause notice for writing anti-rape messages on sanitary pads

March25/ 2015

NewDelhi, March 25: A group of Jamia Millia Islamia University students were served a show-cause notice from the administration on Tuesday for putting up sanitary pads with written messages across the campus as part of a campaign to raise awareness about rape and sexism.

The varsity reportedly took the step after it received scores of complaints from students and the teaching fraternity, saying the campaign was in a ‘bad taste’.

University officials said the students did not have the requisite permissions to start the campaign.

A group of Jamia students had pasted sanitary pads with feminist messages across the campus, taking inspiration from a German activist who initiated a similar drive against sexism and made it popular online with the hashtag #padsagainstsexism.

Some of the messages written on sanitary pads and pasted at various places on the campus, included: ‘Period blood is not impure, your thoughts are’, ‘menstruation is natural, rape is not’.

“As per Jamia rules and regulations students are expected to acquaint themselves with certain manners as becoming of students. Many students and faculty members lodged complaint saying they found the mode of protest repugnant,” said Mukesh Ranjan, Jamia spokesperson.


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