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Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had planned to marry pregnant girlfriend

March30/ 2015

London,March 30: The Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who crashed Flight 9525 into the French Alps, was planning to marry his girlfriend who is reportedly pregnant.
According The Independent, Germany’s Bild newspaper had reported that the girlfriend “worked as a teacher at an unnamed comprehensive school in the state of North Rhine Westfalia and Bild said she had told her pupils that she was pregnant. Lubitz had also recently ordered two new cars for them.”

Lubitz’s girlfriend who had visited the crash site last week, found out on her way there that the plane was crashed on purpose by her boyfriend.

Meanwhile Mirror reports that not everything was well between Lubitz and his girlfriend. It reports, “Although planning their lives, it is thought the couple had an on/off relationship over the past seven years and that Lubitz had been seeing another woman fairly recently. Now she has to come to terms with the enormity of what he has done – and the stigma of carrying his child.”

The couple had been reportedly in a relationship for several years after they first met when they were both working for Burger King.

And while the families of the Germanwings crash victims continue to mourn their loss, experts continue to look for answers in terms of why Lubitz took the decision of crashing the flight.

German media reports have said Lubitz was suffering from serious depression but these reports  have not been confirmed. German prosecutors on Friday said medical documents had been found at Lubitz’s homes suggesting “existing illness and appropriate medical treatment” but they did not specify the ailment. They also revealed that torn-up sick leave notes had been discovered, including for the day of the crash, and that evidence backed up suspicions he hid an illness from his airline.

According to Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper, medical treatments for psychological illness were found at his Duesseldorf home.

Questioned by AFP, French and German investigators declined to confirm or deny the report.

Bild daily reported Friday that Lubitz sought psychiatric help for “a bout of serious depression” in 2009 and was still getting assistance from doctors, quoting documents from Germany’s air transport regulator.

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