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Mumbai Model, Allegedly Raped by Policemen, Texted Police Chief Rakesh Maria About Assault

April24/ 2015

MUMBAI,April 24:  Three policemen and a woman are among six arrested in Mumbai on Wednesday for the alleged rape of a model inside a police station. The policemen allegedly also extorted money from her.

After being allegedly raped on April 4, the 29-year-old woman had fled the city fearing harassment. She finally sent a text message to Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria on Tuesday, alleging that she had been raped by some men inside a police station.

Mr Maria then called her to his office and after speaking to her, ordered action. Cases of rape, sexual harassment and extortion have been filed against two assistant police inspectors, a constable and three others.

The woman had gone to a five-star hotel for an audition on April 4, and when she came out, she was stopped by the policemen who allegedly forced her to get into their vehicle.

The woman was allegedly taken to a police station in Sakinaka in Andheri in the western part of the city, and raped. The policemen then allegedly demanded money, around Rs. 4.5 lakh, to let her go.

The woman’s friend then came and paid the money. She has reportedly told the police chief that her friend went to several ATMs in the middle of the night to get the cash.

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