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Rakhi Sawant insults Sunny Leone!

April17/ 2015

New Delhi,April 17: Rakhi Sawant has been in the industry for a long time now and is known for her dance moves and straightforward answers. Despite having her own place in the industry she gets miffed if someone compares her to a contemporary. Well, it was Sunny Leone.

During the shoot of her upcoming album, Jaan Bigdela, Rakhi Sawant was addressing the media and got angry when a journalist asked her a question on SUnny Leone.

The question was related to Rakhi being compared with Sunny Leone, to which Rakhi answered very angrily, so much so that she insulted ‘Leela’ star Sunny Leone.

sunny leone neww

As told to Business of Cinema, Rakhi blurted out that Bollywood was doing Sunny a favour by making her look decent and making her wear more clothes! “In fact, we are doing social work,” she added.

She asserted to not to compare her with Sunny Leone as she won the hearts of the audiences by her talent and never did any adult film. This is not the first time Rakhi said something like this for an actress, She has insulted Katrina Kaif and Veena Malik too!

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