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Open to working in films: Miss India World Aditi Arya

April01/ 2015

Mumbai,April 1: Femina Miss India World Aditi Arya, wants to make the most of her opportunities and would not mind trying her luck in Bollywood.

The 21-year-old research analyst is currently focusing on bringing the Miss World title to India.

“Right now, my focus is Miss World but after that I would like to definitely try my luck in Bollywood. I will not shun any opportunity that comes my way. I would like to act in films and see where it goes from there,” Aditi told PTI.

The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) graduate, however, said Bollywood is not her ultimate destination and she would want to balance the glamour world with her higher education.

“I am working full-time as a research analyst and I will continue to do that. I am also taking sessions at Indian School of Business (ISB), where we are groomed for an MBA school. Later, I will pursue MBA. I will juggle between different avenues,” she said.

It was Aditi’s this desire to “do it all” that made her participate in Miss India pageant because the idea of representing India at an international level attracted her.

“When I was a kid, I never thought of Miss India but I always thought of being a delegate for India at as many platforms as possible. I participated in Model United Nations. I always participated in events, which were either business-oriented or academic in nature.

“After I went to college, I saw that there were these beauty pageants… I realised it is not about just beauty, you actually become the voice of India, so it struck me,” she said.

Aditi believes the Miss India platform was the “fastest” way to make her voice heard.

“I idolise people like Raghuram Rajan and I wanted to have opinions on growth and economy in big business papers. I wanted people to listen to me but I realised with time that it takes a lot to reach at the position, where you are heard.

“When Miss India came, I felt this was the fastest way to reach there, to be read and heard. I want to become the youth’s voice,” she said.

When asked how confident she was of her win, Aditi said, “I had faith in my skills. I knew I had it in me but I did not expect to win because I was new to this world. I wasn’t sure that it would be this time or the next time on re-application. A lot depends on your luck and also how groomed you are by then.

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