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‘Kai Raja Kai’ a different film from Maruthi Talkies: Director

April21/ 2015

Chennai, April 21: Debutant director Siva Ganesh says forthcoming Telugu crime-comedy “Kai Raja Kai” will be a different film from Maruthi Talkies banner, mostly known for making romantic and adult comedies.

“The fact that Maruthi Talkies hasn’t produced a film in this genre makes ‘Kai Raja Kai’ different and special. We wanted to produce something fresh and unique from the banner. Producer Maruthi also felt that since I have a grip on this genre, he wanted me to give a different film,” Ganesh told IANS.

“It was at the behest and encouragement of Maruthi sir, I developed an idea into a film. He was really interested in the idea and that’s how ‘Kai Raja Kai’ was set in motion,” he added.

The film is set against the backdrop of gambling theme.

“The gambling theme as the backdrop runs in the lives of the reel characters. Imagine what happens if the lead characters became players of a gambling game. It’s a crime-comedy thriller treated commercially. The fun and thrill moments can be found in appropriate proportions,” he said.

A hardcore fan of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, “Kai Raja Kai” was born from Ganesh’s desire to make a film in one of the genres Varma had explored.

The film features Ram Khanna, Maanas, Josh Ravi, Shravya and Shamili in the lead roles.

Talking about his actors, Ganesh said: “While most of them are newcomers, working with them was a treat. Some had worked earlier with producer Maruthi, and he suggested their names”.

Ganesh also added that he couldn’t have made the film without the support of Maruthi.

“I’ve worked with Maruthi as his associate on several films. When I expressed my interest to direct, he didn’t even ask me for a story. I just narrated a line. He liked it and immediately asked me to make it the way I want to,” he said.

“Kai Raja Kai” releases in cinemas on Friday alongside another crime-comedy “Dohchay”. Ganesh says the films may belong to the same genre, but they’ll be totally different.

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