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David Walliams, Lara Stone to seek divorce in April

March27/ 2015

London,March 27: David Walliams, Lara Stone to seek divorce in April Earlier this month David Walliams and his model wife Lara Stone agreed to a trial separation. However, according to the Daily Mirror, things are about to become permanent with the 31-year-old model set to file for divorce from the 43-year-old comedian – with whom she has son Alfred,22 motnhs.
Citing Dutch reports, the paper said: ‘Lara has no intention of returning and will sign her divorce papers soon. She has been telling people she is never going back. As far as she is concerned the marriage is finished.’

While Lara is reportedly the one who is set to file papers, a source said that both parties are upset they have not been able to work things out.
MailOnline has contacted reps for David and Lara for comment.
Earlier this month Lara, who is 12 years David’s junior, took Alfred and the couple’s Border Terrier Bert with her when she left their North London home.


A source close to the comedian said: ‘David has been putting on a brave face. But people close to him are very worried because they know he’s devastated.
Lara and David have a reported wealth of almost £19million – David has a net worth of £16.3million and Lara £2.6million.
News of their split has came as a huge surprise to friends despite the fact they have barely been seen together over the past six months.
David and Lara attended Sir Elton John’s wedding to David Furnish together on December 21 and two days later watched the London production of Edwards Scissorhands together, which was the last time they were seen out in public together.
An insider told The Sun that David’s friends are shocked by the split as they thought the marriage was strong – but friends are hoping they will get back together.
The source said: ‘David hopes it is a blip and that they can get the marriage back on track somehow, especially seeing as there is a child involved.’

The split has happened almost five years after they tied the knot after a whirlwind romance.
David and Lara began dating in September 2009 after David took her to a Chelsea football match – with the funnyman later filling her home with flowers.
Their relationship began after Lara’s now-beaten battle with alcoholism following a stint in rehab in 2009.

Lara told Dutch Vogue she was ‘very nervous’ on their first date but soon knew they shared a ‘very mean sense of humour’.
She told the publication: ‘I’d forgotten to thank him for dinner so I sent him a text. You know what he wrote back? “Who’s this?”
‘I was shocked. I really thought he’d forgotten already. I only realised later he was joking. We have so much fun. I’m quite lucky.’
David proposed in Los Angeles in 2010, before marrying at London’s exclusive Claridges Hotel in May 2010 – with Lara wearing a £30,000 lace and satin dress.
Lara told the Daily Star shortly after the wedding: ‘I am madly in love. I’ve never been happier.

‘We met at a party and then went on a few dates. He’s wonderful. He’s amazing. He makes me laugh. He’s a proper gentleman. He’s a bit mean but in a good way. I’m happy.’
David also seemed blissfully happy, telling The Sun: ‘It’s a lovely thing to fall in love, to come back and feel like you’ve got a home.
‘I would be at work filming and my wife would be saying, “What time are you home because I want to know what time to put the shepherd’s pie on?” I never thought I’d have that. An international supermodel who can make a great shepherd’s pie.’
He also said: ‘If you are with someone you adore, you’re happy to just spend time together. You don’t have to be doing something really exciting all the time. We love watching X Factor.
‘If she’s away I have to wait until she’s back before I can watch it, which is a shame because I already know who has been kicked out. But we love it.’


The couple announced that Lara was pregnant in November 2012 and David gushed about how happy he was about becoming a father.
‘I’m really looking forward to being a dad, the whole experience,’ he told the Daily Mirror.
‘I’m looking forward to seeing the baby for the first time, seeing this little person who’s a mixture of you and the person you really love.’
The couple welcomed baby Alfred in May 2013 with David announcing Lara’s pregnancy on his Twitter page.
He wrote: ‘Some wonderful news. My beautiful wife Lara is pregnant. We are having a baby! It is due next year and we both couldn’t be happier. Dx.’
Lara told Dutch Vogue last year that she was rather content, saying: ‘I’m blessed; I have a fantastic husband, a beautiful baby, a wonderful dog and super job. Life’s pretty good and normal.’
In August 2013, David admitted he could easily fall for either a man or a woman, as he’s of the opinion that ‘things can change for people over the years’ when it comes to their sexual preferences.
The comedian opened up about his sexuality in a revealing interview with Radio Times magazine, explaining that to him, love is about falling for someone’s ‘soul, heart and brain’, rather than whether they’re male or female.
The news of the split comes after it was recently claimed that the blonde beauty had declined Justin Bieber’s request to go on a date while shooting their most recent ad campaign for Calvin Klein.