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Break-Up of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Last Year Was Orchestrated?

March30/ 2015

Los Angeles,March 30: The cat is out of the bag! Reports have it that the Break-Up of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart in June of last year was just for show with the intention of boosting promotions for their upcoming respective movies then.

On March 25, Jennifer Lopez was candidly snapped at kissing Casper Smart over at West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California prompting those who have personally witnessed the love-fest to presume that the couple’s split in June of last year was merely orchestrated.

Prior to their supposed split in June 2014 the 45-year-old triple threat celebrity has been dating the 27-year-old choreographer for the last three years.

The couple did not make any official statement or pronouncement as regards the reason why they have both decided to split last year, leaving everything to speculations instead.

Career motive

The “Booty” singer was reportedly seen and photographed locking lips with Casper Smart while she was on a break from filming “American Idol,” reports MSN Entertainment.

The discovery subsequently sparked rumors that the two just faked their split in a planned mutual effort to hype their respective upcoming film projects then.

J-Lo’s break-up with Smart created hype for the release of her movie then titled “The Boy Next Door” in a clever move to ignite rumors that she and her 27-year-old co-star Ryan Guzman are dating or about to date.

On the other hand, Smart had the notion that he would also benefit as a single male from the supposed split with Jennifer Lopez for the release of his upcoming UFC fighter film “Street” last year.

The latest rumor appears to have a solid footing since both J-Lo and Casper Smart have not been linked to anybody after their supposed split last year. Although over the last three years, they have been into an on-again, off-again relationship.

Just good friends

Casper Smart was the first to react to reports that he and Jennifer Lopez allegedly fake their split last year.

Without confirming whether they are on-again, Casper said that there are a lot of ties between him and Jennifer Lopez because they’re very close friends. He even reiterated that the two of them are very good friends, an obvious superfluous statement coming from someone who is at a loss for words in order to explain something.

Before they were spotted kissing in Hollywood on March 25, Casper and Jennifer were actually seen frequently even after they announced that they have already split last year. Both aver that they are just good friends seeing each other occasionally.

A source close to Jennifer Lopez said that after the supposed split of the couple in June last year, J-Lo stopped seeing Casper for a couple of weeks and we’re eventually back dating after that

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