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#ShameOnTimesNow trends worldwide as India takes on the news channel

March27/ 2015

New Delhi,March 27: Cricket fans across the country were left heart broken as India were knocked out of the World Cup after a 95-run defeat semi-final defeat against Australia. People united in mourning the loss on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

But when one of the country’s leading English news channelsTimes Now began tweeting as well as broadcasting the hashtag #ShamedinSydney, people did not take kindly to it and things quickly went downhill after that.

There was genuine anger among the people because the news channel was clearly sensationalising Team India’s defeat, which had come after an amazing run of seven straight wins. Alongwith New Zealand, they were the only unbeaten side in the tournament until they ran in Australia.

Moreover, unlike the 2007 World Cup where India were knocked out in the first round, Dhoni’s team made it all the way to the semi-finals. That run is worthy of being celebrated — and it certainly didn’t deserve the #ShamedinSydney campaign that was being run by Times Now.

Fans, in turn, slammed the news channel on Twitter and made the #ShameOnTimesNow hashtag trend worldwide.

Here are some of the tweets that criticised the channel:


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