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Hong Kong woman jailed for abusing Indonesian maid

February27/ 2015

Hong Kong: A Hong Kong woman convicted of abusing her Indonesian maid has been jailed for six years.

Law Wan-tung was found guilty earlier this month of causing grievous bodily harm, criminal intimidation and failure to pay wages.

The maid, Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, drew global attention last year when she returned to Indonesia in need of hospital treatment.

During the trial, she described being beaten and starved by her employer.

The case drew intense scrutiny in Hong Kong, where a significant number of families rely on domestic helpers.

The city’s residents employ about 300,000 maids from other parts of Asia.

In addition to the jail sentence, Law, 44, was also fined HK$15,000 ($1,934; £1,253). She had faced a maximum sentence of seven years.

During the trial the court heard that Law beat Ms Erwiana with various objects and deprived her of proper food.

On one occasion Law punched the maid so hard that her incisor teeth fractured.

Handing down the sentence, Judge Amanda Woodcock said Law “showed no compassion” to Ms Erwiana.

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