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Natalie Portman, David Gandy :Best looking people on the planet

March31/ 2015

London,March 31: Natalie Portman and British model David Gandy have been voted as the best looking people on the planet, according to scientists.

Researchers found the most beautiful female face has almond-shaped brown eyes, arched eyebrows, full lips, a heart-shaped face and is a brunette, the Daily Star reported.

Experts used technology to make a computer map of the perfect face and match it to celebrities where catwalk king Gandy and Black Swan actress topped the list of the top 10 most attractive humans.


Dr Chris Solomon from Kent University asserted that it would seem that women preferred the clean-cut “boy-next-door” look, while men were not so focused on an overtly sexy look as is often assumed.

For a man, beauty is an oval-shaped face with blue eyes, medium-thick eyebrows, with a square jaw line and brown hair.

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