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Now, an ejaculating sex toy that allows lesbian couples to get pregnant!

April14/ 2015

New York, Apr 14 : Is a turkey baster not romantic enough for the conception of your child? An enterprising young woman has come up with an ejaculating sex toy, Semenette, to make the whole process more enjoyable and less dependent on kitchen tools.

The company founder Stephanie Berman invented a dildo for female couples, which makes at-home insemination just another part of a hot night in bed, the New York Post reported.

Berman said that when it came time for her and her wife to start the process, she quickly realized how few ideal options there were for them to conceive at home, adding that they didn’t have the financial means or the desire to have a doctor inseminate her wife, but the only things available to them were either a turkey baster or needle-less syringe.

She noted that after making a few attempts at home, they were both really unfulfilled by the experience and it was so impersonal, not romantic and just outright awful and that’s when the idea for the Semenette began.

Berman added that she did a lot of research and finally had a working prototype she and her wife were able to use and try out and the dildo did make a big difference.

The phallic-shaped Semenette, which has a side tube that can be squeezed at the key moment to deliver the goods, can be worn in a handy harness, is the final product of all Berman’s at-home experimenting, has been a runaway hit, a baby-making success, and is helping her launch her own company.

She noted that the best part of their story is that after two attempts with the Semenette, they found out that her wife was pregnant and it was at that moment she realized she had a product that not only felt good, but actually worked.

She’s currently working on a Semenette Version 2, which will be “non-anatomically-realistic, non-phallic and come in non-realistic colors,” for couples who are less interested in replicating the presence of a male in the process.


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