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The Japanese Claim To Have Invented A Beer That Makes You Prettier

April17/ 2015

If you wished that drinking booze would add up to you beauty, your wish is granted, as the Japanese have come up with a new beer, that contains collagen, and promises to make you prettier.

People in the Asian country strongly believe that consuming collagen, a protein in connective tissues, could make skin more beautiful, and Japanese women even buy supplements, powders and foods rich in the protein to maintain their young look.

Now a brewery named Suntory are offering a drink called Precious, and it contains two grams of collagen per can, and 5 percent alcohol. It be available will only be sold in Hokkaido

However, Kuniko Takahashi, a nutrition scientist from Gunma University, dismisses the myth in her book ‘Tabemono Joho Uso Honto,’ or ‘Truth and Falsehood of Food Information,’ saying that collagen was no better than average as a protein.


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