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Meet the woman who made 2M pound from shoplifting

March02/ 2015

London, Mar 2 : ABritish woman has revealed that she has earned 2 million pounds from shoplifting adding that she is proud of her hard work.

The shameless shoplifternamed Kim Farry, who possesses a designer wardrobe, expressed that it makes her feel really annoyed when people say that she never had a job because she has been into the shoplifting business for over four decades, the Mirror reported.

The 54-year-old shoplifter mentioned that she was not at all ashamed of what she has done, as it was her talent that she every time escaped untouched and made millions and lived a life that everyone desire for.

The British shoplifter started to work as a shoplifter when she was just 9-years-old and enjoyed fine dining, exotic holidays and three boob jobs, in her life and even lives in a rent-free home and earns 556 pounds a month in benefits, and trains her six children to steal for her.

The professional British shoplifter said that she turned to crime to give herself and her family a better life despite having three of her children taken from her during one of her jail spells.

The mother-of-six, who hasn’t swiped anything for eight weeks so far and is going rags from riches, claims that she infact doesn’t wants to leave her awesome business, but only for the sake of her daughter if someone offers her a decent job, than she might take the quitting decision.

Farry concluded that she doesn’t want to make her daughter’s future uncertain, and hopes that soon someone reads this and helps her to get a good job, otherwise she won’t be able to live without money, that she is not at all use to.

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