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Bikers rally for women’s right to mobility

February27/ 2015

Twenty-five women bikers have taken up their passion for a novel cause – engage common people on the skewed sex ratio issue to end gender-based discrimination.

hey were part of a solidarity rally which kicked off today from here to Rohtak covering over 80 km in nearly two hours. There were also 75 male participants largely from Delhi as a part of the ‘Mission Hazaar’ campaign.

he campaign, an initiative of global human rights organisation ‘Breakthrough’, is against Gender-Biased Sex Selection (GBSS) prevalent in many parts of the country.

“Women are seldom able to take part in decisions pertaining to their own lives. They are denied their rights to choice, education, career, health, and mobility. Traditional norms perpetuate discrimination and further restrict their opportunities.

“The idea is to challenge stereotypes and fight for women’s right to mobility,” Sonali Khan, vice-president-India, Breakthrough, whose recent campaigns include ‘Bell Bajao’ and ‘Nation Against Early Marriage’.

As the name suggests, ‘Mission Hazaar’ aims at reaching  the figure of 1,000 girls per 1,000 boys in India, where currently, there are only 914 girls for every 1000 boys on an average.

“Some of the country’s most economically progressive areas have some of the worst child sex ratios. Fewer girls in a society means fewer girls in public places. This makes them appear more unsafe, which further reduces the mobility of girls and women,” Khan told PTI.

he campaign seeks to engage common people on the issue to end gender-based discrimination; to build communities in which everyone can thrive; and to make public spaces safe for everyone.

he organisers also undertook a survey of 10,000 youth to make them realise how the sex-ratio impacts day-to-day lives
of people.

he respondents from schools and colleges between the age group of 12-25 years were asked to mention how many siblings
and relatives they have in their family on the basis of gender.

While examining gender differences in family size, boys mentioned they have more brothers than sisters while girls mentioned they have more sisters than brothers. This implies that family size tend to be more for families having more girls than boys, as families are more likely to stop having children when they have sons, according to the report.



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