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Now have sex in ‘Batcave-themed bedroom’ for only 40 pounds

February26/ 2015

Now Batman lovers can make love in Batcave-themed bedroom for only 40 pounds.

Comic-loving romeos are lining up to book the Gotham City superhero-styled room complete, which has its own Batmobile, for three hours with their lover, no questions asked, the Mirror reported.

Management said that though it just one of the rooms at the Eden Motel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, it was the most popular one since they started out rooms with various themes in 2012.

The room features a Batman double bed, cave-style walls, a bathtub, two bat TVs, and even miniature gargoyle figurines. Fans have said that there are several Batman themes thrown in together, one symbol being from the Michael Keaton 1989 Batman film, while elements of Christian Bale’s Batman in ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy also present in other areas.

A hotel insider said that the room was so popular that they had one client visit at least once a week.

The other movie-themed rooms in the hotel feature ‘The Mummy,’ while another is based on Alcatraz prison and a third on the legend of Sherlock Holmes.

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