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Meet the woman who is happy with ‘world’s largest’ eight foot hips

February19/ 2015

London : An American woman named Mikel Ruffinelli has been titled as the woman with the biggest hips in the world measuring around eight foot.
Ruffinelli is the mother-of-four and said that she love her curves, but the vsual attraction she also faces some physical problems as she had to side-shuffle around her house so that she doesn’t get stuck in the corridors and also to drive a wide truck as she doesn’t fit into a standard size car, the Daily Star reported.
Denise Souder is a 56-year-old Las Vegas stripper whose hips measure 74 inches and she sells scantily clad clips of her hips online as she likes people stare at her when she crosses over.
Similarly, Marlena Plummer is a 35-year old woman from New York whose hips are 83 inches big, but still she goes out for swimming and even learns pole dancing in her spare time.
In addition to this Claudia Floraunce is an Austria’s aspiring plus-size model having 64 inch big hips finds her assets sexy and seductive.

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