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Man Punches Self In Face, Claims Police Brutality

February19/ 2015

A California man has been found guilty of attempted coercion after falsely claiming police attacked him.
Lucerne resident Aleksander Robin Tomas­zewski, 33, was arrested Jan. 9 on charges of stalking and first-degree sexual abuse, the Register Guard reported.
During an interview that day, Tomaszewski said detectives assaulted him and said he wanted to press charges. His face was covered in bruises.

The suspect didn’t count on surveillance video in his jail cell, however, which shows him pounding his own face more than 40 times. When confronted with the video that authorities released to the public Tuesday, Tomas­zewski told police he thought the complaint might get him an earlier release, Oregon Live reported.
Instead, Tomas­zewski will have to settle for both a bruised face and ego. He was found guilty of initiating a false police report last week and was sentenced to 20 days in jail and a $500 fine, the Associated Press reports.

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