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Uber driver arrested for sexually assaulting female passenger in Paris

March26/ 2015

Washington, March 26 : An Uber driver in France has reportedly been arrested for sexually assaulting a female passenger outside a nightclub in Paris.

According to The Verge, the incident occurred on January 17 when the accused drove a young woman and two of her friends to the Show Case nightclub along the Seine River. He dropped off the two friends near the nightclub but drove a little further before letting the third woman out because she was seated in the front passenger seat and was not curbside. It was then that the chauffeur ordered the female passenger to perform oral sex. A dispute followed and later on, the woman pressed charges of sexual assault against the driver, who has denied any wrongdoing.

The unnamed driver is due to appear before a judge on May 29 and may face a five-year-long term in jail and a fine of 75,000 pounds, if convicted.

Thomas Meister, spokesman for Uber France, commented on the incident by saying that the driver had been “immediately suspended” when the company was notified about it in January. He added that the firm was offering “full cooperation to the police.”

Uber has elicited widespread criticism across the globe for its safety record in recent months. In India, an Uber driver was arrested on charges of raping a female passenger late last year. The taxi-hailing service is embroiled in legal battles in several countries across the world.



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