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I’m guilty, can we now start talking about farmers, says Kejriwal

April24/ 2015


“I made a mistake. I should have called off the rally,” said Kejriwal. “When we were on stage, because of the bushes surrounding the tree, what was going on wasn’t clearly visible. Some AAP volunteers came to us and said that something was wrong.

“We couldn’t announce that there was something wrong because then, the people would run to the tree. It would have caused great chaos,” Kejriwal said.

“I honestly believe that even the AAP volunteers didn’t think that he (Gajendra Singh) would jump,” said Kejriwal.

However, the Delhi CM also blamed the media for its portrayal of the issue. “Stop beating the issue to death. This is only being done to increase TRP,” he said. “ANI will not investigate this. The police will,” he told ANI.

He also said the person responsible for Gajendra Singh’s death should be hanged.

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