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AAP MLA starts signature campaign to remove Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav

March11/ 2015

New Delhi,March 11: Amidst the internal turmoil in AAP, a party MLA has started a signature campaign seeking the expulsion of the father-son duo of Shanti and Prashant Bhushan along with Yogendra Yadav from its ranks. The campaign is being undertaken by Kapil Mishra, the AAP MLA from Karawal Nagar, who said he has so far got a positive “response” from fellow party MLAs. “I will give this petition, with the support of our MLAs, to Arvind (Kejriwal) ji once he comes back. I have spoken to all our MLAs and they have agreed to sign the petition,” said Mishra, who also called for “exemplary action” against those found to be involved in anti-party activities.

Kejriwal, the AAP chief, is in Bangalore for naturopathy treatment. Sources said that the Kejriwal camp was preparing the ground for launching an all out attack on the Bhushans and Yogendra Yadav ahead of the AAP National Council meeting later this month.

The move comes after the AAP brass launched a blistering attack on the Bhushans and Yadav yesterday, accusing them of working to ensure the party’s defeat in the recent Delhi Assembly polls and maligning its image.
Incidentally, the petition is also a replica of the charges levelled by AAP leaders yesterday.

“During the Assembly polls, the party was fighting war on two fronts. On one side, we were fighting a war with outside forces (the Congress and BJP) and on the other side, we were fighting with our own people. These people (Bhushans and Yadav), tried to sabotage the party’s prospects by asking volunteers not to come to Delhi for campaigning and also stopping the funds of the party,” charged Mishra. “They tried to malign the image of our party and our leadership,” he added.

Prashant and Yadav were voted out from the AAP’s PAC last week in the wake of allegations by its members that they wanted to remove Kejriwal from the post of the party’s National Convener.

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