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Facebook makes it easier to embed its videos anywhere on web

March26/ 2015

Washington,March 26: Social networking site Facebook will now allow videos on its platform to be embedded across the web.

According to The Verge, users can now copy an embed code, place it in a menu at the bottom of the video and it will show up in a new and functional player.

Facebook had been chasing advertisers and publishers lately and adding support for embeds, which would spread videos outside its own platform. The move is a critical step taken by the social media platform towards building a video presence.

The company is also set to introduce support for 360-degree videos within its native video player. These videos will allow viewers to look around the world in all directions while the video is playing.

The news came after YouTube launched support for 360-degree videos very recently.

Although video hosting features offered by Facebook have never really posed a competition to YouTube yet, speculations are rife that with a little work, they may put up a tough contest for Google’s video-sharing website.