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Tips to boost your immunity

February26/ 2015

Here are some tips that will help you boost your immunity levels

With the weather changing everyday and more and more people falling prey to air-borne diseases, perhaps the best way of taking precautions is to boost your immunity system. Here are some tips for the same –

Vitamins: The most important thing your body needs is an ample supply of vitamins, especially vitamin D. If you get enough vitamin D for your body, it will help prevent every health problem – ranging from a normal cold to the fatal cancer. Regular intake of salmon and fortified milk can help in increasing your vitamin D level.

Soluble fiber: Make sure you get your daily dose of soluble fiber. Soluble fibers help in recovering from bacterial infections quickly and are also a good precautionary measure against air-borne and water-borne diseases. Make sure your daily diet includes citrus fruits, apples, beetroot, carrots beans and oats.

Weight issues: Make sure you are not overweight and if you are, exercise regularly and flaunt a lean body. People who cut their daily calorie intake and are fitter are less prone to such diseases and automatically have a powerful immune system.

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